eCommerce with PayPal

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Please Note: You mobile web site must have a domain name to use PayPal - it will not function as:

Step 1: Enter overview of products (text you want to appear at the top of your products page)

Step 2: Select your currency, then enter PayPal and/or Google Checkout Merchant ID. If you choose PayPal you should log into your PayPal acount first and then come back to the builder admin and click the blue help link under the PayPal login field. Then click the "click here" in the pop up window and follow the instructions to make sure PayPal accepts payments from our gateway. It will help if you log into PayPal first before clicking the "click here" link. You will be adding the following as the Third Party Permission Username:

Step 3: Click 'Add Items' link to add products (lightbox window opens - see image 4 below)

- Important - Product shipping costs cannot be added separately and must be included in the product price displayed on the site.


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