eCommerce with Google Checkout

New to eCommerce, or just have a few products you'd like to sell via mobile?  eCommerce is possible with a mobile site, although eCommerce is not an included "Feature" within the builder.  There are two broad options for incorporating eCommerce into your mobile site, and we go over them in great detail - with specific screen shots ... Read More »

7th Sept 2011
New pages, more help for resellers!

In case you missed our recent newsletter; we have some great new pages and information for reselling our mobile service.  From more details and suggestions on how to showcase a demo site to specific marketing collateral you can hand to your prospective customers, we've got you covered! ::: Resellers: Increasing Your Conversions ::: In our ... Read More »

2nd Sept 2011
QR codes and the new GetGoMobi feature

Are you starting to notice QR codes - those little 2D barcodes that seem to be popping everywhere?  Not sure what the deal is?  This article offers a good overview of the topic, and some things you can do with your own custom QR code, now available as a feature in every mobile site ... Read More »

20th Jul 2011
Where are those icons?

If you've seen our GetGoMobi Icons page, you might not have realized the wide range of icons available for your mobile site - well over 100 unique choices, and two themes to add even more flexibility.  For any page in your site, within the site builder just choose: "Options"  then "Change Icon" Note, the ... Read More »

9th Mar 2011
Why your mobile site is better with a .mobi domain name

.mobi is emerging as the de facto standard for mobile internet domains With the growth of the mobile Web comes the need for standardization to allow consumers to easily find mobile content. Numerous times in the past, competing technology standards have delayed widespread adoption. In the '70s, it was VCR versus Betamax. In the 1990s it was ... Read More »

8th Mar 2011
GetGoMobi - language and location updates

GetGoMobi is getting better every day and in many ways!  Here are just a few of the latest improvements: Local Language Set-up. Use the Setup Assistant in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. Site Visitor Translation. With one click, visitors can view your mobile site in the language of their choice, with 14 ... Read More »

8th Mar 2011

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