Black Friday sales from last weekend show that "traffic on mobile websites of retailers was up nearly four times compared to last year." Now is the perfect time for a mobile web site.

So many of our clients now sell mobile site services successfully to their own customers that we're always a bit surprised when a new client writes: "So how does this reselling process work?"  So we thought a quick reminder about the reselling process was in order.  And if you're already reselling, we've included references to the many ways we make it easier, more effective, and more lucrative for you as well.

Reselling: the Basics

Who? The single most important thing to know is that EVERY client can be a reseller of our services, right out of the box.  You don't even need a mobile site of your own to resell to your clients (although there are some good reasons to have one). Once you have a client account (never a charge for that) you can simply add new accounts as needed for your own clients.

How Much? It's up to you!  Most of our resellers at least build an initial site for their clients, and charge a reasonable fee for that service.  Some also maintain access and charge for updates and edits, while other hand off the upkeep to the end client.  The choice is yours, but your customers' time is valuable - managing their online presence is a valuable service, and one that most businesses are delighted to have done for them.

Reselling: the Tools

From marketing material to a complete web site for offering mobile services, has you covered.
Reselling: the Future

Coming soon from; new mobile site design flexibility, new and improved Features, and an integrated ecommerce capability.

Thank you for your business,
The Staff

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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