In case you missed our recent newsletter; we have some great new pages and information for reselling our mobile service.  From more details and suggestions on how to showcase a demo site to specific marketing collateral you can hand to your prospective customers, we've got you covered!

::: Resellers: Increasing Your Conversions :::
In our experience it's easy to impress business owners with the virtues of the GetGoMobi mobile builder. The hard part comes when you are trying to close the sale and convert a new client. So we have added a How-To Knowledge base link and associated web page with our tips for building a better Mobile Demo Site. The Demo Site you build can be the most compelling tool when you approach a prospective client since it eliminates their biggest concerns of "what will it look like?" and "how does it work?" Nailing the demo site takes a little time, there are some essentials, but it isn't hard, it's free, and in our experience it's amazingly effective. "Wow, that's great... where do I sign up?"


Please view:


::: Resellers: New Reseller Help Pages :::
We have made available 2 new printable PDFs to help you promote your business. You'll be able to add information online and print as you need to or download the PDFs to add more customized text and details before printing (your custom QRCode for instance). Either way, you now have another unbranded print option to help you promote your business:

Friday, September 2, 2011

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