We're very excited to announce another release of New Features and
Product Enhancements for our GetGoMobi mobile site builder. A number
of them are a direct result of client feedback (subpages!), so keep
letting us know what you want to see provided - it's how we keep our
service the best mobile builder for the price available on the web.

You can read more details about each item in the list below on our site:

New items:
- Creating Subpages
- New Site Navigation Menu bar
- Google + Feature
- Google + sharing
- Google Adwords tracking
- Hiding features from the Home page of the site
- ‘Widgets’
- EU Cookie regulations
- 24 hour time format
- Redeemable Coupon tracking

New Enhancements:
- Additional Ad Platforms providers and ad placement options
- Site façade
- WYSIWYG Editor enhancements
- Helppage
- Site Color

The Staff at GetGoMobi

Monday, December 17, 2012

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