Some very exciting news on December 5th for clients and resellers - a software upgrade came out today will offers a wide range of new features, improvements to existing features, design enhancements... we could go on and on!  The most exciting new development is the number one capability most requested from our clients - mobile ecommerce.  Mobile ecommerce is the fastest growing piece of the mobile experience, and GetGoMobi can help you today.  There are so many great new features and capabilities to show that we've created 12 new web pages with details and screen shots.

To read more, start here:

Just a quick overview of the amazing new GetGoMobi mobile service:

New Features:

1. Mobile eCommerce - add up to 16 products, use PayPal or Google Checkout 
2. Custom forms
3. New design templates 
4. Seven new icon sets
5. Expanded video feature
6. Reviews / Testimonial feature 
7. Integrated redirection code generator


1. Enhanced QR Code tools
2. Site description text now only on front screen
3. Additional site color options
4. 'Click to Call' now on all site headers
5. Maps displayed for all locations with improved directions 
6. Calendar selector added to date formats    
7. WYSIWYG editor improved - ability to add images, links and customize text 
8. Additional Time zones

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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